Upgrades (03/10/08)

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Upgrades (03/10/08) Empty Upgrades (03/10/08)

Post  Skittles on Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:53 pm

Upgrades we have:

Party House: 'Hang out with ninjas and win prizes' - You can pay for parties that up friendship points with the ninja in your team, and enter the raffle to win prizes.
Hitaiate Maker: 'Make your own headbands'- Self explanatory, you have to pay 5000 for each time it's updated though. (If you want more details, let me know.)
Ninja-Mas Tree: '+20 stamina for every day in December, +100 on Ninja-Mas Day! Does not count towards upkeep' It looks like it'll be sticking around until next December too.
Banker: 'Base upkeep is halved'. Upkeep is +1% per Ninja, +1% per Jonin/Sannin, +1% per Upgrade, minus any bonuses (Current upkeep is 27%) We also can get Connections
Solidarity: '+6 Difficulty needed when being spied on by much larger villages (>5 size)'
Fortified Walls: '+2 Successes needed when being attacked'
Spy Towers: '+2 Successes needed for enemy spies'
War Council: 'Your village may enter the war'
Collection Squad: '+3% collection bonus per collector'
Jonin Council: 'Allows members to become jonin'
Black Market: 'Village makes 10% of all the ryo spent at the party house'
Sentry Squads: '15% better spy detection'
Infiltration Academy: '-2 successes needed on Spying'
Scattered Outposts: '+4 difficulty and +2 successes needed when attacked by a larger village (>5)'
Connections: Base upkeep is -20% after Banker (requires Banker to work)
Natural Research Facility- Advanced Resources become available- unlocks important upgrades/monsters/summons.
Tasty Ramen Shop: Allows +10 Stamina per day.
Ninja Attack Squad: -1 difficulty -1 success needed when attacking a village.
Pose Training: +10% Ninjutsu AP on regular missions.
Science! Workshops: Allows for construction of Science upgrades.
Little Tricycles: -2 difficulty when spying.
War Room: All Ninja get 2 extra attacks in NWW per day.
Tall Walls: +5 Difficulty, +5 Successes needed to being attacked.
Potion Palace: +10 stamina per day, allows collection of resources and creation of potions.
Sand Village Trading Post: Puppets and Giant Fans purchasable.
Arms Depot: Your village makes 5 kunai/5 shuriken/5 smoke bombs per day and allows purchasable permanent items.
Forest Trail- +1 ingredient per hunt, allows purchasable items.
Creepy Traps- Bingo Ninja that fail Spying/Attacking you.
Siege Engines- -2 Difficulty when attacking Villages.
Evolving Defenders- Double Defense Bonuses on Bingos.

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