Professor Layton Answers (02/23/08)

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Professor Layton Answers (02/23/08) Empty Professor Layton Answers (02/23/08)

Post  Facepalm on Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:06 pm

Here are the answers for those of you that get stuck or are just too lazy... You bums...

Question #1- What is the name of Professor Layton's assistant?
Answer- Luke

Question #2- If 5 SWATBU ninjas can catch 5 ninja in 5 minutes, how many SWATBU ninjas will it take to catch 100 ninja in 100 minutes?
Answer- 5
(This is because 5 ninja can catch 1 ninja at a rate of 1 minute. So 100 in 100 minutes would still only take 5 SWATBU, just as 20 in 20 minutes would take 5 SWATBU, etc...)

Question #3- What is the icon used to get around?
Answer- shoe

Question #4- Your village has been raided by enemy ninjas. You go to the storeroom to find 10 of your magic scrolls are on fire. Your jutsu exstinguishes 2 of them. You use it again and put out 1 more. You are out of stamina so you log out to eat cake. How many scrolls remain?
Answer- 3

Question #5- On the Official Site, there is a video under the Intro section. How many times does the text turn red during the video?
Answer- 9

Question #6- How many times does a standard clock have 3 or more same numbers in a row, in the period of one day?
Answer- 34

Question #7- Post the answer to the website's demo, using the code.
Answer- 53214541212

Professor Layton Answers (02/23/08) Facepalm
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