Ally Item Drops (02/20/08)

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Ally Item Drops (02/20/08) Empty Ally Item Drops (02/20/08)

Post  Facepalm on Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:06 pm

Here is a list of the items allies drop. Is partially completed, and will add more as they are found out. Things with "?" are unconfirmed by myself. If someone can confirm for me, it would be appreciated.

Billy: Smokebombs, Billy Bucket (lvl 3)
Pinky: Exploding Tags
Emosuke: Hot Picture of Emosuke, Emo Rock CD, Razor Blade (lvl 2)
Terri: Hot Picture of Terri
Lil' Bo: Food Pills, Tasty Burger
Rover: Dog Treats
Big Bo: Food Pills

Shorty: Silver Petals
Strawberry: Silver Petals
Fletch: Holy Arrows

Hyuk: Juicy Apples, Note Page
Right: Note Page

Ally Item Drops (02/20/08) Facepalm
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